Our Team

Just Law Solicitors is a team of professionals lawyers recognised within their field. Experience and professionalism is a must in Just Law Solicitors so, in order to guarantee the highest quality in our services, we count on collaboration with other  trusted professionals if we find it necessary.

Ana Liabina - JustLaw Solicitors

Ana Liabina

(Lawyer) Ana has a Law Degree from the University of Granada and has completed a Master’s Degree in Law, currently practicing as a Lawyer…
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Ana Ortiz - JustLaw Solicitors

Ana Ortiz

(Paralegal) Ana has a law degree from the University of Cordoba. In addition to having completed a Master’s Degree in Law at the University…
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Pablo Ferrer

(Tax Advisor) Law degree from Granada University, Masters degree in tax advice from the Business Institute ‚ÄúInstituto de Empresa‚ÄĚ (IE). Pablo specialising in advising…
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Alberto Medina

(Accountant) Degree in Law and Economics from the University of Granada. Masters degree in Business Law from the Centro de Estudios Superiores ESESA His specialisation…
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Rocio Montejo

(Junior Tax and Accounting) Roc√≠o has a double degree in Law and Business Administration from the University of Ja√©n. In addition, she has just…
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Sandra - JustLawSolicitors

Sandra Johansen

(Tax Secretary) Sandra is responsible for the Administration and Customer Service Department. She has extensive experience in the administrative and accounting field, after more…
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