marisa moreno castillo

35 years at the Spanish Bar Association. 

35 years working as a practicing lawyer under the premises that our client´s rights have been and will be my duty. As I was…

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The Golden Visa in Spain in 2023. 

According to the average house prices in England increased to £292,000 (9.4%) over the year. This got me thinking especially when the euro…

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health care in spain


In this article one of our lawyers Belen Batalla explores disinheriting children in Spain.  One of the things that people believe in Spain is…

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What about if I have a job for a UK company and I work remotely in Spain

Perhaps the most popular question that our tax advisor gets asked is ‘what about if I have a job for a UK company and…

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Setting up a business in Spain

Watch the video if you have dreams of starting a business in Spain. It will give you an overview with useful information as there…

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Residencia doesn’t necessarily mean tax in Spain

We have had a number of clients from the United Kingdom enquiring as to how much tax they will pay in Spain. We have…

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Taxes and residency in Spain

Are you thinking of applying for #Residencia? We can help with the process to get your residency, your taxes in Spain and provide a quote…

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