The Move to Spain Podcast

Listen to the Move to Spain podcast, if you´re thinking of moving to Spain. We have guests including, notaries, authors, estate agents and even…

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5 Things To Do Before You Move to Spain in 2024

At Just Law Solicitors we often get asked how do I move to Spain? Well, the first question that you need to ask yourself…

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Spain’s Grandchildren Law Is Ending in 2024, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The Grandchildren’s Law, also known as the Law of Democratic Memory, which grants Spanish citizenship to descendants of those affected by Franco’s dictatorship, is…

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Christmas Traditions in Spain

At Christmastime, Spain transforms into festive landscape which is home to centuries-old traditions and lively celebrations. In this article, we’ll take a look at…

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Spanish Constitution Day

Spanish Constitution Day, or Día de la Constitución, is an annual celebration held on December 6th, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s history….

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Spanish Coast Line - JustLawSolicitors

Location, Location, Location: Best Places to Live on the Costa Del Sol (Part 2)

Continuing on from our previous post, we now continue to explore further west, exploring the luxuries of Marbella to the breathtaking scenery of Nerja….

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how to become self employed in spain. just law solicitors

How do you become self employed in Spain

This is one of the questions that we get asked a fair bit at Just Law Solicitors as non EU passport holders like form…

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How long can I stay outside Spain if I am resident in 2024?

One on the first concerns from our clients when they apply for a resident visa, for example the non lucrative visa ‘NLV’ or the…

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Do I need to make a Spanish will?

One of the questions we get asked on numerous occasions here at Just Law Solicitors is do I need to have a Spanish will?  The…

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Why you should instruct a lawyer in Spain?

To be a lawyer in Spain you have to study for 6 years at university. After obtaining a law degree, it is necessary to…

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Do you want to apply for Spanish citizenship in 2024?

There are several possibilities to apply for Spanish nationality, depending on your situation. Following we will explain to you the options you can choose…

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Nerea Palomares - JustLaw Solicitors dnv digital nomad visa

Owning your own Company and the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain in 2024

In 2023 it was confirmed that a director of a limited company is entitled to the Spanish digital nomad visa. For example a sole…

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