the digital nomad visa

The Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

meeting the mayor of malaga to discuss the digital nomad visa DNV

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degree certificate spain

What about my qualifications when I move to Spain?

The homologation of a foreign degree to a Spanish degree that allows access to a regulated profession, will entail the possibility of exercising the…

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health care in spain

Americans moving to Spain in 2024

healthcare in spain, when moving to Spain

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Do I need to make a Spanish will?

One of the questions we get asked on numerous occasions here at Just Law Solicitors is do I need to have a Spanish will?  The…

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Why you should instruct a lawyer in Spain?

To be a lawyer in Spain you have to study for 6 years at university. After obtaining a law degree, it is necessary to…

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golden visa

The Spanish Golden Visa in 2024

The Golden Visa in Spain in 2024 After 35 years as a lawyer here in Spain I of course have a history of advising…

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buying a property in spain

Buying a property in Spain in 2023

Here at Just Law Solicitors we´ve been advising clients since 1992. Whether you are buying a house in Spain, or you need a visa…

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Choosing your lawyer in Spain?

There are plenty of lawyers here in Spain, put simply like when you hire any other professional you instruct them to act for you….

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How to choose a lawyer in Spain

At Just Law Solicitors we have been advising clients since 1992. Our Director of Legal John Towell explains in this video the keys to…

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Moving & retiring to Spain?

Spain is a country with one of the most attractive lifestyles and climates. The healthcare system, quality of life, and culture make living in…

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First Occupation License and certificate of urban infraction in new or ‘second-hand’ homes in 2024

If you are thinking of buying a house in Spain, take a look at our article on the advantages and disadvantages of buying a…

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