retire to spain

Why should an American retire to Spain?

As an American, the idea of retiring abroad might seem daunting at first. However, Spain should be at the top of your list when…

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buy in Spain

Don´t tell anyone about the Alpujarras

If you are moving to Spain always instruct your own independent lawyer. At Just Law Solicitors we have been advising our clients on moving to and living in Spain since 1992.

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the digital nomad visa

The Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

meeting the mayor of malaga to discuss the digital nomad visa DNV

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move to spain

Palencia rural living in Spain.

At Just Law Solicitors we have been helping clients move to Spain and live in Spain since 1992.

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buy in spain

Things to do before you buy a property in Spain

Before you buy a property in Spain, there are several important things to consider. At Just Law Solicitors we have been advising clients on…

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ETIAS what´s required to travel to Spain.

 ETIAS is visa waiver program will you will need to enter EU countries including Spain.  It costs 7 euros.  It’s not a visa, it’s a…

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degree certificate spain

What about my qualifications when I move to Spain?

The homologation of a foreign degree to a Spanish degree that allows access to a regulated profession, will entail the possibility of exercising the…

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The Reservation Contract and buying a property in Spain.

the reservation contract when you buy a property in Spain.

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how to become self employed in spain. just law solicitors

How do you become self employed in Spain

This is one of the questions that we get asked a fair bit at Just Law Solicitors as non EU passport holders like form…

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Getting a job in Spain as a non EU citizen.

work in spain, get a job in spain

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health care in spain

Americans moving to Spain in 2024

healthcare in spain, when moving to Spain

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invest in malaga

Invest in Malaga in 2024

Most of you will know that in addition to being the senior lawyer for Just Law Solicitors, I am also the Danish Consul. I…

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