Spain’s Grandchildren Law Is Ending in 2024, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The Grandchildren’s Law, also known as the Law of Democratic Memory, which grants Spanish citizenship to descendants of those affected by Franco’s dictatorship, is…

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Non Lucrative Visa Renewal in Spain (2024)

What happens when you have lived in Spain with the Non Lucrative Visa and you want to renew it? This is a question that…

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buy in Spain

Don´t tell anyone about the Alpujarras

If you are moving to Spain always instruct your own independent lawyer. At Just Law Solicitors we have been advising our clients on moving to and living in Spain since 1992.

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the digital nomad visa

The Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

meeting the mayor of malaga to discuss the digital nomad visa DNV

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move to spain

Palencia rural living in Spain.

At Just Law Solicitors we have been helping clients move to Spain and live in Spain since 1992.

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ETIAS what´s required to travel to Spain.

 ETIAS is visa waiver program will you will need to enter EU countries including Spain.  It costs 7 euros.  It’s not a visa, it’s a…

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health care in spain

Americans moving to Spain in 2024

healthcare in spain, when moving to Spain

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How long can I stay outside Spain if I am resident in 2024?

One on the first concerns from our clients when they apply for a resident visa, for example the non lucrative visa ‘NLV’ or the…

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Nerea Palomares - JustLaw Solicitors dnv digital nomad visa

Owning your own Company and the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain in 2024

In 2023 it was confirmed that a director of a limited company is entitled to the Spanish digital nomad visa. For example a sole…

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prince frederik

Attending the Consular Event in Denmark 2023

In addition to being the senior lawyer at Just Law Solicitors I am also the Danish Consul for Andalusia and Extremadura here in Spain….

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just law solicitors

The digital nomad visa in Spain

Spain is a great place to be a digital nomad. The country has a lot to offer, including beautiful beaches, delicious food, and a…

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golden visa

The Spanish Golden Visa in 2024

The Golden Visa in Spain in 2024 After 35 years as a lawyer here in Spain I of course have a history of advising…

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