Pablo Ferrer, our Specialist Tax Lawyer, is dedicated to providing expert guidance to address any inquiries you may have regarding tax and finance in Spain. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Pablo will ensure that your tax concerns are thoroughly addressed and that you receive the best possible assistance.

Resident and Non-Resident Tax

Navigate the complexities of tax obligations with expertise in both resident and non-resident tax matters.

Inheritance Tax

Ensure a smooth and legally sound transition of assets with our guidance on inheritance tax matters.

Plusvalías (Local Capital Gains Tax)

Address local capital gains tax (Plusvalías) efficiently, ensuring compliance and fair treatment in property transactions.

Capital Gains Tax

Navigate the intricacies of Capital Gains Tax, optimising your strategy for buying and selling assets to maximise financial efficiency.

Corporate Tax

Optimise your corporate tax strategy with our expert guidance, ensuring compliance and financial efficiency.

Claims for Overpaid Tax

Seek restitution for overpaid taxes with our support, ensuring a fair and accurate resolution.

Appeals Against Tax Penalties

Defend against tax penalties with our strategic appeals, leveraging our legal expertise to challenge unjust penalties.

Appeals Against Tax Claims

Challenge tax claims confidently with our legal support, ensuring a thorough and effective appeals process.

Appeals Against Plusvalia and Other Tax Demands

Navigate appeals against local capital gains tax (Plusvalia) and other tax demands with our
comprehensive legal assistance.