We offer a complete professional integrated service which is personalised to meet your needs.
From your first contact with ourselves an expert English speaking Lawyer will deal with your purchase or sale in order to ensure that all is in order and contact you throughout the process so as to keep you informed.

Assistance with Spanish Purchase and Sale of Property

Receive comprehensive support throughout the process of buying or selling property, such as attending the Spanish notary office, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Spanish Capital Gains Tax

Just because you don’t pay Capital Gains Tax on the sale of your primary residence or other property in your home country, you may do so in Spain. Our Tax Lawyer, Pablo Ferrer, will advise on ways of avoiding and minimising Capital Gains Tax.

Managing Necessary Documents for the Purchase and Sale of Spanish Property

Streamline the paperwork involved in property transactions with our meticulous document management services.

Spanish Real Estate Review Service

Ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your property agreement with our service, including obtaining legal documents related to the owner, verifying the contract’s alignment with current Spanish Rental Law, negotiating with the landlord/agent if legal concerns arise, and checking for rent compliance with legal maximums in applicable areas

Checking for Debts on the Property

Conduct thorough assessments to identify any existing debts on the property, ensuring transparency and informed decisions.

Cancellation of Encumbrances and Debts at Land Registrar

Facilitate the removal of encumbrances and debts through efficient dealings with the Land Registrar.

Control of Funds Paid and Received, Complying with Money Laundering Laws

Ensure compliance with money laundering laws while meticulously overseeing funds in property transactions.

Change of Ownership with Tax Authorities and Service Suppliers

Facilitate a seamless transition of property ownership by managing the necessary changes with tax authorities and service providers.

Registration of Holiday Property

Navigate the legal processes involved in registering holiday properties, ensuring compliance with regulations and obtaining the Spanish tourist licence

Assistance with Mortgage and Loan Applications

Receive expert assistance in navigating mortgage and loan applications, optimising financial arrangements for property purchases.

Recovery of Amounts Paid on Account in Property Purchases

Pursue recovery of amounts paid on account in property purchases, ensuring fair and just

Just Law Solicitors will ensure that you will save time and money and not incur additional costs, you will only pay for our standard legal service and the fixed expenses incurred in your property transaction that are required here in Spain.

Remember; you can choose any lawyer you want to help you in your property transaction. There is no need to instruct the lawyer recommended by the estate agent. It is best to have a lawyer who has no interest in the sale of the property.