Advice and Drafting of Wills

Ensure the secure future of your assets and minimise Spanish tax with expert legal guidance
and meticulous drafting tailored to your specific needs.

Advice and Drafting of Living Testaments (DNR)

Safeguard your healthcare decisions and preferences through comprehensive advice and
drafting services.

Processing and Obtaining Necessary Estate Documentation

Navigate the complexities of estate administration seamlessly with thorough processing and
acquisition of essential documentation.

Conducting Life Insurance Policy Searches

Ease the burden of the probate process with our proficient team, conducting thorough searches
to streamline the inclusion of life insurance policies in the estate.

Searching for the Last Valid Will

With precision and diligence, undertake the critical task of locating the last valid will, ensuring
your final wishes are carried out accurately.

Processing and Executing National and International Inheritances

From national estates to international inheritances, our seasoned legal team adeptly manages
the processing and execution of inheritances with a global perspective.

Obtaining and Processing Inheritance Documentation (National and International):

Trust us to handle the intricacies of inheritance documentation, both domestically and
internationally, ensuring a smooth and legally sound transition.

Processing and Submitting Inheritance Tax:

Navigate the nuances of inheritance tax seamlessly with our dedicated services, ensuring timely
and accurate processing and submission to tax authorities.

Change of Beneficial Ownership with Tax Authorities and Service Suppliers:

Facilitate a seamless transfer of assets with our expert assistance in managing the change of
beneficial ownership, ensuring compliance with tax authorities and service providers.