Company Creation and Registration

Navigate the process of company creation and registration in Spain with our expert guidance,
ensuring legal compliance from inception.

Drafting Corporate Statutes

Tailor corporate statutes to suit your business needs, providing a solid legal foundation for your

Processing Tax Number (CIF) and Corporate Census

Streamline the bureaucratic process by entrusting us with the efficient processing of your tax
number (CIF) and corporate census.

Registration as Trading Business

Facilitate a smooth transition into trading activities with our assistance in the registration

Trading Contracts

Secure your business transactions with meticulously drafted trading contracts, protecting your

Opening License and Other Related Matters

Navigate licensing requirements and address other related matters efficiently to keep your
business operations compliant.

Debt Claims

Pursue and manage debt claims with our legal expertise, ensuring fair and effective resolution.

Civil Companies

Navigate the legal landscape of civil companies with our specialised legal support tailored to
your business structure.

Corporate Agreements

Draft and negotiate corporate agreements that protect your interests and facilitate successful
business operations.

Corporate Operations

Ensure the seamless execution of corporate operations with our legal guidance and support.

Processes Before the Company Registry

Handle all necessary processes before the Company Registry with our efficient and experienced legal team.

Secretary of Board of Directors

Fulfil the crucial role of secretary for your Board of Directors with our comprehensive support.

Amendments to Company Statutes

Navigate changes to company statutes with precision, ensuring legal compliance throughout the amendment process.

Company Closures

Facilitate the closure of your company with our expert assistance, guiding you through the legal
steps involved.


Ensure accurate and compliant bookkeeping practices, meeting regulatory requirements for
your business.