Spanish Rental Contract Review Service

Ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your property agreement with our service, including
obtaining legal documents related to the owner, verifying the contract’s alignment with current
Spanish Rental Law, negotiating with the landlord/agent if legal concerns arise, and checking for
rent compliance with legal maximums in applicable areas.

Tenant and Squatter Evictions

Secure your property rights with our assistance in tenant and squatter evictions, following legal
procedures to protect your interests.

Judicial Process of Incapacitation

Guide you through the judicial process of incapacitation, ensuring a comprehensive and legally
sound approach.

Debt Claims

Pursue and manage debt claims with our experienced legal team, working towards a fair and
effective resolution.

Assistance and Court Defence

Receive comprehensive assistance and effective court defence for a wide range of legal


Draft, review, and negotiate contracts with our legal expertise, ensuring your interests are
protected in every agreement.

Personal Injury Claims

Seek justice and compensation for personal injuries through our dedicated legal support and

National and International Enforcement of Debts

Enforce debts on a national and international scale with our efficient and strategic legal

Community of Owners Matters

Address legal matters related to the community of owners with our specialised support, ensuring
smooth collaboration and dispute resolution.