Property, Purchase & Sales, full conveyancing service

Assistance with purchase and sale of property, managing necessary documents for the purchase and sale of property, Checking to see if there are debts on the property and much more.

Immigration, Visas, and Work Permits

Work permits, Residency permits, Obtaining NIE (Foreign ID number) and Citizenship applications.

Inheritance, Wills and Probate

Advice and Drafting of Wills, Advice and Drafting of Living Testaments (DNR), Processing and obtaining necessary Estate documentation and much more

Family Law, Divorce and Custody

Divorce, settlements, shared custody and adoption, Divorce and separation, Custody of children and pets, Visitation rights, Child support and much more.

Tax, Resident, and Non-Resident

Pablo Ferrer, our Specialist Tax Lawyer, is dedicated to providing expert guidance to address any inquiries you may have regarding tax and finance in Spain.

Expat Assistance

NIE, Residencia (residency), Vehicle purchase, Vehicle imports, Registration of foreign vehicles and more.

Corporate Law, Companies, Business & Self-Employed

Company Creation and Registration, Tailor corporate statutes to suit your business needs, Trading Contracts and more …

Civil Law, Contracts, and Court Claims

Rental agreements, Judicial process of incapacitation, Assistance and court defence, Contracts, Personal injury claims and much more.

Employment and Spanish Labour Law, Contracts, and Social Security:

Draft, review, and negotiate employment contracts with our expert guidance, ensuring clarity and legal compliance. Dismissals, Pensions, Workplace Accidents and more.

Consumer Rights, Banking Law, Claims, and Advice

Mortgage floor clauses claims, Abusive clauses claims, Refund of amounts paid on account of property purchases, Mortgage seizure claims defence and more.


Providing insurance policies: Home insurance, Life insurance, Health insurance, Car insurance and more.

Criminal Law, Defence and Trials

Representing victims of crime, Court defense, Private prosecution, Traffic violations and crimes, Assistance at police station and courts.