your property in Spain

Mortgages and moving to Spain if you haven’t sold your property in the UK.

With the transition period ending on 31.12.20, a growing number of UK citizens are looking to move to Spain. They are of course keen…

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Moving to Spain and the new travel restrictions for those returning to the UK

You are probably now aware that the there is a 14 day quarantine period for UK citizens returning to the UK after they have…

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firts ocupation license in spain

Buying a property in Spain What is the First occupation license?

Today I wanted to say something about the ‘first occupation license’. When you think about buying a home in Spain, it is very important…

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Residencia doesn’t necessarily mean tax in Spain

We have had a number of clients from the United Kingdom enquiring as to how much tax they will pay in Spain. We have…

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Are you buying a property in Spain?

Are you interested in #buying a #property here in Spain? Purchasing a property a Spanish property can be a daunting process. At Just Law Solicitors, we are your…

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Renting in Spain?

Are you thinking in renting in #Spain? Are you thinking in getting your Spanish residencia before #Brexit? Are you thinking in buying a property…

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