Six Month Rule Dropped for Temporary Residency in Spain

In a recent development, Spain’s Supreme Court has removed a significant hurdle for temporary residents by nullifying the six-month stay rule. Effective since March 4, 2024, this decision follows an appeal against a 2019 government resolution in Girona.

Previously, the rule stated that spending more than six months outside Spain in a year could lead to the loss of temporary residence. The Supreme Court’s decision brings relief to current residents and simplifies the process for prospective applicants, eliminating a potential barrier to temporary residence. Importantly, it’s worth noting that this positive shift holds true as long as individuals meet the other requirements for temporary residence.

This newfound flexibility makes Spain an even more appealing destination for temporary stays. Whether you’re currently a resident or planning to become one, the removal of the six-month rule is good news, offering a smoother and more inclusive experience for those navigating Spain’s temporary residence landscape while ensuring compliance with the remaining eligibility criteria.

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