Non-Lucrative Visa Renewal 2023/24

For expatriates in Spain who aren’t citizens of the European Union, the non-lucrative visa, often referred to as NLV, is a popular choice. It allows individuals to settle in Spain and embrace everything the country has to offer. While the initial application process is relatively clear, understanding how to maintain the non-lucrative visa for long-term residency can be a bit challenging. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the requirements and intricacies of renewing the non-lucrative visa in Spain for the year 2023.

After the initial year with the temporary non-lucrative visa, individuals have the option to renew the card and extend their visa for an additional two years. The renewal process involves a set of criteria and must be initiated 60 days before the card’s expiry date or within 90 days after its expiration.

Key Requirements for Renewal:

Economic Means: Demonstrating an annual income greater than €28,800 per person or for the head of the family and €7,200 for each dependent, as of 2023. (Note: The specific amount is subject to yearly adjustments by the Spanish Government.)

Legal Residency: Maintaining legal residency status in Spain.

Health Insurance: Continuing to hold private health insurance.

Housing Conditions: For individuals with children, providing a certificate of habitability for the residence to prove it meets the minimum conditions for habitation.

Education: Submitting a certificate confirming the enrollment of minor children in school.

Financial Standing: Ensuring there are no outstanding debts with the Treasury and Social Security.

Criminal and Police Records: Presenting a certificate of criminal and police records.

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Pro-Tips for Non-Lucrative Visa Property Buyers:

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Renewing a non-lucrative visa in Spain involves navigating through various requirements, ensuring financial stability, and maintaining compliance with Spanish regulations. By understanding the renewal process and seeking professional advice, expatriates can enjoy a seamless and fulfilling experience while residing in this beautiful country. If you’re considering Spain as your long-term home, make informed decisions and embrace the charm of Spanish living with confidence.

Marisa Moreno Castillo

Danish Consul & Senior Lawyer at Just Law Solicitors.

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