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Moving to Spain: It’s a long journey, with many questions along the way. Can I just move to Spain? Can I move to Spain to just live? How about, can I move to Spain permanently? One of the things to remember is that you can move to Spain after Brexit. It is just the same process as if you were to move to Spain as a Canadian. Of course, you don’t need a visa if you move to Spain as an EU citizen.  Spain is a big country and whether you move to Northern Spain, move to the Costa Del Sol, or move to the Costa Brava, it is up to you. Have a look at the weather in Spain, some places get very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer for example if you were to move to Seville. 

Moving to Spain after Brexit, moving to Spain as a British citizen is the same as moving to Spain as a US citizen or moving to Spain as a Canadian citizen, or even moving to Spain as an Australian citizen.  You are all third country nationals and would need a visa to live in Spain. You can work in Spain, there are visas for people who are looking to live and work in Spain. Of course, things have changed with moving to Spain before Brexit. There are companies which have a move to Spain exhibition like a place in the sun. If you move to Spain from Ireland, you will not need a visa  

Is moving to Spain a good idea? Well, we would advise that you come and visit Spain before you buy a property in Spain. On our website, we have a Move to Spain blog. You can of course go to Spain by car if you´re living in Europe.  As for the question of moving to Spain what do I need? There are several things, and you should take advice from a Spanish abogado. We can help make the move to Spain experience as smooth as possible. 

You will of course need to transfer money to a Spanish bank account if you are looking to buy a home in Spain and we can help with that at Just Law Solicitors. One of the things to put on your move to Spain checklist is to take independent legal advice from a Spanish lawyer. Another thing is to consider moving to Spain capital gains tax.  UK citizens will now have to pass through Spanish customs as a result of Brexit. 

As for the moving to Spain driving licence some countries such as the United Kingdom have agreements where you can swap your licence for a Spanish driving licence. Some people will have to take a Spanish driving test.

You can also move to Spain as a digital nomad, we have a visa lawyer, who can help with the visa requirements to move to Spain.  If you move to Spain for work as say a US citizen you will also need a visa. Moving to Spain and getting a job also requires a visa.  This is the same as if you move to Spain from England for example. Even if you just want to move to Spain for a year you will need a visa, perhaps the non lucrative visa, This is the visa that you can use to retire to Spain.

How much money do I need to move to Spain? This depends on which Spanish visa you choose. You can move to Spain without a visa if you have an EU passport otherwise your stay in Spain will be limited, as you will have the follow the 90/180 day rule. Even thought maybe your country has visa free travel to Spain.

It is possible to move to Spain to teach English but most people will need a Spanish visa, this includes people who want to move to Spain from England.  

You can also move to Spain with your dog, if you are outside the EU there are procedures to follow. It’s same as the question ´can I move to Spain with my cat?´

There are of course moving to Spain tax implications and we have a specialist Spanish tax lawyer  

At Just Law Solicitors we can give you a full move to Spain guide, of course, moving to Spain after Brexit, makes it the same as Canadians moving to Spain.

You may be interested in a move to Madrid, a move to Barcelona, a move to Malaga, one thing to think about is to rent in Spain first. Be careful to avoid rental scams, we can advise on the Spanish rental agreement. 

Of course, it is much easier to move to Spain with a Spanish partner or if you are moving to Spain with an EU partner.  Remember everyone needs Spanish health insurance in the first year. Then if you like you can join the convenios special. 

So why not move to Spain? Have a look on reddit or wikipedia for basic information and opinions (for the latter) but remember the only qualified person to give you legal advice in Spain is a Spanish Solicitor like us. We can’t begin to tell you why people move to Spain, but hopefully you can visit Spain and see for yourself. 

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