Is this the end of the Golden Visa in Spain?

marisa moreno castillo

Is this the end of the Golden Visa in Spain? Being the senior lawyer here at Just Law Solicitors here in Spain I take an interest in visa news.  Portugal has stopped the golden visa program. The reason for this it appears is because property prices in Portugal have increased.  What about Spain?

At the time of writing this article in April 2023 the Spanish golden visa program is very much alive.  One small political party called ´Mas Pais´ has made the news. This party wants to end the Spanish golden visa. However, there is nothing in the legislative timetable for this matter to be heard in the Spanish Parliament.

What is the golden visa in Spain?  Basically, you invest at least 500,000 euros on one or more properties here in Spain, these can be business or private and can even include land and parking spaces.  You and your family then have the right to live and work in Spain. Assuming that your legal application is successful. At Just Law Solicitors we can help when you buy a property in Spain.  For most people the golden visa isn’t an option. Most property purchases here in Spain are less than 500,000 euros. Although Spanish homes on the Costa Del Sol can be considerably more. What has surprised me is that the golden visa amount has stayed at 500,000 euros for some considerable time.  Inflation has been high here in Spain, just like the rest of the European Union and in the United Kingdom.  According to the average house price in the UK is 290,00 pounds which is 327,772 euros. I suspect that this figure will continue to increase in the future.

Should you sell up and move to Spain?  My advice is always rent first in Spain and try and visit in say February and the height of the tourist season to see if living in Spain is for you.

There are other visas, the digital nomad visa ´DNV´, the non lucrative visa ´NLV´ and the self employed visa. There are of course other visas.

If you are deciding whether to move to Spain we can help. We have been advising clients since 1992. You only deal direct with an English speaking Spanish lawyer.  Always choose your own independent lawyer and don’t sign the Spanish estate agent´s reservation contract or pay a deposit until you have spoken to us.  Spanish lawyers are regulated and insured.  We aren’t consultants., Expat advisors or relocation experts. So is this is the end of the golden Visa in Spain? No it isn´t.

Marisa Moreno Castillo Senior Partner at Just Law Solicitors and Consul for Denmark.

Of course, this isn’t legal advice. You should always speak to a qualified Spanish lawyer, and get their bar registration number. Buying a home in Spain is complex matter just like for example the United Kingdom. It´s not a legal requitement to have a lawyer in Spain but it is recommended.  We have offices all along the Costa Del Sol, and we cover the whole of Spain.  We include the NIE number and opening a Spanish bank account. We file the first years non resident taxes and arrange for the change of suppliers.  One of our lawyers is a Spanish tax specialist and we have a Spanish qualified Accountant 

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