Buying a Property in Spain.

Buy a home in Spain

Buying a property in Spain, is the Notary and the Estate agent enough?

At Just Law Solicitors we are the first to tell you that there is no legal requirement to use a lawyer when you buy a property in Spain. That said it is recommended that you use a lawyer to protect your interests. Why is this? Well the first is that reservation contract, arras. You need an independent lawyer acting for you. They will draft or amend the contract, to ensure that your interests are protected. You need to make sure that you have negotiated terms which are favourable to yourself. Further, you need to negotiate as to who holds the deposit. In the unlikely event that the sale does not go ahead, you should not need to have a court case to have your deposit returned.

buying a property in Spain
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Once you get the Notary office, it´s important to note that the Notary does not carry out all the checks that are recommended by us, a Spanish law firm with 32 years of experience. We interviewed a Spanish Notary from Fuengriola, on the Costa Del Sol in episode 5 of our Move to Spain podcast his advice was to use an independent lawyer when you buy a house in Spain. You can listen to one of our specialist property lawyers discussing the purchase process in episode 9

The choice to use a Spanish lawyers is yours. If you would like to instruct us in your property purchase in Spain get in touch with us our site is we can assist with everything related to moving to Spain and living in Spain. We include the NIE number and the Spanish bank account for our clients buying a place in Spain.

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