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You will have seen a post regarding my attendance at Fitur 2023 in Madrid. Fitur is an International tourism trade fair. I attended to support and represent Andalucía in my role as Consul for Denmark. It was an enjoyable visit as I was able to see what was on offer and meet some of the mayors of Costa del Sol cities. 

If you’re reading this post you’re probably living in Spain or thinking about moving to Spain. It’s important that we all get behind our part of Spain. In my case, it’s Malaga which has so much to offer from beach resorts to remote mountain villages. 

In addition to representing the interests of Danish citizens, I am also the owner and founder, and senior lawyer of a Spanish law firm Just Law Solicitors. We do our small part to help clients invest in Andalusia and the whole of Spain. 

Whether you’re a company or an individual looking to relocate or a private individual looking to buy a property in Malaga your investment is crucial in helping to drive Malaga and its province forward.  Malaga has so much to offer with its convenient airport served by bus and rail links to Malaga itself with an excellent climate, historic city center, and beaches. 

At Just Law Solicitors we can, of course, help with a Spanish work visa and any other visa such as the non-lucrative visa, the golden visa, and registering as self-employed known as ‘autonomo’ here in Spain. We can also assist with the new digital nomad visa here in Spain, so you can work from home in Spain. 

If you plan on buying a property here in Spain, we can help you with the whole process but it’s important not to sign or pay anything until you’ve had advice from us. We can assist with the non-lucrative visa ‘NLV’ and opening a Spanish bank account. 
If you are thinking about moving to Spain, contact us so we can give you the proper advice according to your circumstances. We are Spanish qualified and registered lawyers at the Bar Association.

We are also proud to have a tax department with a Spanish qualified tax advisor and accountant formerly of Price Waterhouse and KPMG.

We also have a family law department. Sometimes it’s more beneficial for one party to get divorced here in Spain as opposed to for example the United Kingdom. We can also advise on custody and child maintenance here in Spain.

A Spanish will is recommended to properly deal with international jurisdiction and taxes. 
Just Law Solicitors celebrating our 30th year in 2023. Since 1992 

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