Just Law Solicitors – Year in Review 2023

Hello everyone,

My name is Marisa Moreno Castillo. I am the owner and founder of Just Law Solicitors, and I am the Danish Consul for Andalusia and Extremadura. 

I write an article every year letting people know about what’s been happening with the law in Spain and Just Law Solicitors, so welcome to the 2023 edition.

At Just Law Solicitors we’ve continued to expand in 2023. We’ve recently engaged another lawyer Nerea and new paralegal Agostina.  We’ve also expanded the tax and accounting department by 2, so a huge welcome to the team who will be supporting Pablo our tax lawyer and Alberto our Accountant. In addition, Victoria has continued to support both our English and Danish clients.

We also have Sean Munden our Marketer who has done some great work. We have 75,000 members in our Move to Spain Facebook group, and it continues to grow! John Towell our UK lawyer has done a great job of answering all the questions, and he’s supported by 5 of our Spanish lawyers. Hopefully we have managed to give you a quick response to your Spanish legal questions. It’s quite a thing to have a million people looking at our group in a one month period. 

Ana Liabina - JustLaw Solicitors

The Digital Nomad Visa was introduced late last year and Ana our visa lawyer has submitted a huge number of applications on behalf of clients. So far she has a 100% record and long may it continue. Take advice as there are a number of visas available for people looking to live and work in Spain. For example the non lucrative visa, the golden visa and the self employed visa to name a few. 

Thankfully UK citizens can exchange their driving licences for a Spanish licence. There is some paperwork involved and a basic medical. At least this issue has been resolved. 

The number of property purchases has continued to grow. Our specialist property lawyer and partner in the firm, Belén has travelled all our Spain to represent clients at Notary offices. If you’re thinking of moving to Spain always rent first and take independent legal advice before you buy.  Remember to get a Spanish will which will protect your assets. 

One of the starting points before move to Spain is to always take tax advice. We have Pablo our specialist tax lawyer. If you’re setting up a business in Spain we have Alberto our Spanish qualified accountant. 

Health insurance is important and we work with an insurance broker. In year 2 you can pay and join the Spanish system if you’d prefer or continue with private insurance. 

I don’t normally make any comments on laws that aren’t in force or rumours. Over the last 35 years I’ve found this to be the best way. However I wanted to say something about the headlines saying that Spain is going to abolish the 90 day rule for UK citizens. There is absolutely nothing before the Spanish and EU parliament. The UK post brexit is a third country just like for example the US and Canada and there is no free movement. If something happens we will of course let you know. 

On the diplomatic front I represent the largest expat community of Danish people, thanks to my staff at the Consulate in Malaga for making this possible. I’d also like to say a big thank you to the Danish government for inviting me to the Royal opera in Copenhagen to have dinner with the Prince of Denmark in June of this year. 

Thank you for being with us this year, and most of all for being a part of the Move to Spain Community. Hopefully we can help more clients move to Spain in 2024. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year

Marisa Moreno Castillo