Wills in Spain in 2024

wills in spain in 2023

There is no legal requirement to have a Spanish will or an English will for that matter. However it’s advisable. Especially if you are buying a property in Spain. Make sure you Spanish inheritance goes smoothly.

So what would happen to your estate if you passed away? If you lived in Spain and you had a Spanish will and an English and you are a Spanish resident?

Depending on the terms of the wills re the law of inheritance. If the wills established that the Spanish law will rule apply to the inheritance the Spanish law has to be applied. This is the same in case it is English law. In case of a conflict of laws because the wills say nothing about the applicable law or because there are some contradictions between them, the Spanish law has to be applied, as this is where the residency was. 

This isn’t legal advice and if you’re thinking of having a Spanish will drafted choose Just Law Solicitors we have been advising clients since 1992.  We can draft a will that takes into account taxes in the different possible jurisdictions and thus minimise the tax burden on your estate. 

We are your Spanish Solicitor and we can help you with your inheritance in Spain. Always choose a Spanish lawyer for legal advice in Spain.

The central registry of wills in Spain can be accessed here www.mjusticia.gob.es

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