Undoubtedly one of the most common questions asked by expats in Spain who are not citizens of the European Union, is the non-lucrative visa sometimes referred to as NLV. People who want to settle in Spain to be able to enjoy everything the country has to offer choose this residence permit to live in Spain full time.

However, although the initial application requirements are often clear, how to keep your non lucrative visa and stay long-term in the country with this visa is not so.

Thus, in this article we will see the requirements to renew the non lucrative visa in Spain in 2022.

After the first year with the temporary non lucrative visa, we can renew the card and extend our visa for two more years. Next, we will see the requirements to do it.

As you already know, the validity of the initial residence card known as the TIE the one we get when we enter Spain for the first time, is one year.

Once this year ends, we can renew for two extra years; and once these two years are over, there is a final renewal of two more years.

It must be done 60 days before the date of the end of that year or 90 days after its expiration date.

Although a large part of the requirements consists of demonstrating that the criteria that allowed obtaining the initial card are maintained, there are some differences:

a) Economic means an amount greater than €28,800 per year per person or for the head of the family and the amount of €7.200 for each dependent, as of 2023 (this amount is different each year as set by the Spanish Government).

b) Be a legal resident.

c) Maintain private health insurance

d) If you have children, you must present a certificate of habitability of your house that proves that the house meets the minimum conditions to be a home for them.

e) Certificate that minor children are enrolled in school.

f) Not have debts with the Treasury and Social Security

g) Certificate of criminal and police records.

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