Moving to Spain from the USA in 2023.

The dollar is very strong against the euro at the moment and we have seen an increase in queries from those of you living in the United States who are thinking about moving to Spain either to work or retire.

Like the UK now after Brexit the US is a third country and you’ll need a visa to stay here in Spain permanently. Which one you need depends on what you want to do here. We can of course give you advice on this.

You will need private health insurance in the first year. This is around 1,000 to 1200 euros a year for a
60 year old depending on cover. We can refer you to a broker for a quote. Of course, you have a huge choice of heath insurance providers.

In the second year of residency you are the option to continue with your private health care of pay and join the Spanish system a monthly fee (€60 under 65, €157 over 65) you’ll be covered by the Spanish public healthcare system, including pre-existing conditions. You have to pay for prescriptions but they are cheaper than the US.

At Just Law Solicitors here in a Spain we always advise clients to rent first as you typically have to pay 10% of the purchase price of a property in Spain in taxes and fees.

Yesterday after a long day at my law office here in Spain I was watching the watcher on Netflix. I don’t think this is a spoiler alert but the realtor said ‘… I could loose my licence ‘. As a Spanish lawyer this made me think. I know nothing of American law but according to Google which should never be relied on a source of legal opinion every realtor or estate agent needs to have a licence in the United States.

When it comes to buying a property here in Spain this is not the case. Anyone can become a realtor or estate agent or “Immobiliaria” as they are called here in Spain. No need for qualifications, examinations, licences, continuing professional development or regulation. There are bodies which offer regulation such as ‘API’ but this is voluntary.

Property purchase taxes do vary where you buy in Spain but any competent lawyer will be aware of this.

Of course in Spain there are some excellent realtors who are the consummate professionals but take independent legal advice to be certain before you sign or pay anything from a Law Firm like us and get their Bar Assotiation registration number.

Once you spend more than 183 days in Spain you become a tax resident. At Just Law Solicitors one of our lawyers has a master’s degree in tax and was formerly with Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Spain is a wonderful country and moving here is no problem if you’re properly advised.

Marisa Moreno Castillo senior lawyer and Consul for Denmark.

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