In Spain, are all lawyers the same?

Every lawyer (the Spanish translation is “abogado”) in Spain has passed their Law School exams. These lawyers are not “abogados” they just have a “Law degree” from a university. In addition, you will find a huge amount of “experts”, “advisers”, ‚Äėrelocation consultants‚Äô, ‚Äėexpat advisors‚Äô and “consultants” that according to the EU free of competency Law they do not need to have a degree or qualification or professional registration to advise their clients.¬†¬†

To practice advocacy and be allowed to go to Court and represent clients in trials lawyers have to be registered at one of the 83 existing Bars Association in Spain. Some “lawyers” are not registered with the Bar Association here in Spain so they are not regulated by the official body (bar Association) and the ethical code.¬†

What does this mean?  Well if they are not registered with the Bar Association they are not regulated by the Bar Association and probably they are not dully covered by any insurance policy in case of professional negligence.

I was called to the Madrid Bar Association in 1989 and afterwords the Malaga bar Association in 1992. 

So if you need a Solicitor, lawyer, barrister, or an “Abogado” as they are called here in Spain whether it‚Äôs for buying a property here in Spain or a court case, get their Bar Association registration number before you instruct them.¬†¬†This is your warranty in Spain.¬†Further, a non-registered Spanish lawyer will not be able to attend court in Spain on your behalf.¬†There are of course a huge number of properly registered lawyers here in Spain in 2022.¬†¬†

Marisa Moreno Castillo Senior lawyer with Just Law Solicitors and Consul for Denmark. 

Since 1992

Malaga – Fuengirola – Marbella