5 Things To Do Before You Move to Spain in 2024

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At Just Law Solicitors we often get asked how do I move to Spain? Well, the first question that you need to ask yourself is, is Spain for me? Then, What are the things that I need to before I move to Spain? There is the legal side of moving to Spain, and at Just Law Solicitors, we have specialist Spanish lawyers who can help you.

1. Make a Plan

Work out where you are going to visit in Spain. Remember that Spain has an excellent public transport system if you decide not to rent a car in Spain. Sites like http://www.airbnb.com and http://www.booking.com are excellent resources for people who ultimately want to move to Spain. Don´t do too much, allow time to relax, take plenty of photos and videos, give a video commentary.

2. Visit in Winter and Summer

There are two reasons for this. The first is that temperatures vary greatly between winter and summer. It´s not uncommon to have freezing temperatures and summer temperatures in the mid 40´s in inland Spain in the winter. Coastal areas for example the Costa Del Sol and the Costa Brava have warmer winters and cooler summers, a hot day could be 32c. The second is that sleepy seaside village you visited in February may turn into a busy metropolis in July.

3. Take Legal and Financial Advice

With a non EU passport for example the United kingdom take legal advice on which visa is for you. You will need a visa to live in Spain. At Just Law Solicitors we have a Specialist English speaking visa lawyer. Also take capital gains tax advice here in Spain. If you sell property in your own country and become a tax resident here in Spain you could have to pay capital gains tax. We have a Spanish tax lawyer, who can help avoid this.

4. Learn the Language

The rule of thumb is the less Spanish you know the closer to the coast you need to be. However, it´s highly recommended that you learn Spanish. Every Spanish person appreciates that you try and communicate in their language. There are apps like Duolingo and if you have are prepared to pay a little have a look at http://www.preply.com. Don´t worry if your teacher is from South America, you will be understood here in Spain.

5. Rent First

Members of our Move to Spain Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/489616048541474/ will be fed up with me saying this. Of course long term renting isn´t a good financial decision. It is a good idea for a year to 18 months as it gives you opportunity to live like a local in Spain. Remember that if you do buy your place in the sun in Spain you could pay 10-13% on top of the purchase price of your Spanish home. Make sure life in Spain is for you.

Of course if you do buy a property in Spain always take independent legal advice from a Spanish law firm like us. Make sure that your lawyer in Spain has no connection with your Spanish Estate Agent. Do not sign or pay anything until you have taken advice. We have specialist Spanish property lawyers.

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