A Day in the Life in Spain

A Day in the Life in Spain can look very different depending on where you are, however, one thing that remains true is that it is very easy to enjoy Spain on a budget. Many people have asked us about the cost of living in Spain, which we discuss in Episode 3 of the Move to Spain podcast. 

This episode got me thinking of what would be the cost of a typical day in the life in Spain be if you weren’t going to spend a great deal of money… Just one of those days when you want to pass the time and enjoy Spanish life.  

The Start of a Day in the Life in Spain

For the sake of this article, let’s say for example you have an apartment in a typical coastal place in Spain. Let’s take someone living in Fuengirola, a popular expat town in Malaga, on the Costa Del Sol. 

Well, you could wake up and take the free (if you’re registered on the padrón) air conditioned bus along the coast taking in views of the beach. Make sure you sit on the right if you’re looking for sea views, and on the left if you prefer a scenic mountain view. If you’ve not had breakfast yet, you could head to your favourite bar for breakfast. It’s not unusual to have coffee, orange juice and a huge toasted baguette with various different toppings for for 3-4 euros. 

Lunch, and Taking in the City Scenery

Then get back on the bus, and continue the scenic route along the coast to the old city of Málaga. Head up Córdoba street and have look in the main indoor market, Mercado Urbano de Soho. There are many bargains to be had in the market, but of course, how much you spend is up to you! After some walking around the old city centre and taking in the beautiful architecture, or perhaps some of the urban parks (which is of course completely free), you’re ready for some lunch.  

There are many places in Málaga doing a menu del día, which is 3 courses and a drink for 6 euros. If you’re happy to spend a bit more, there are many for around 10- 14 euros, and these are very easy to find. In Spain it’s much more usual to eat out and lots of people enjoy a leisurely lunch before heading back to work. 

If you’re in a rush to get home, you could opt for the air conditioned train. This can be free through a government scheme, or tickets are usually around 4 euros one way. If you’re still hungry, you can perhaps stop at Benalmadena costa and have a pizza for less than 10 euros. This is a lot to do within a short walk of the marina, where you can stop to have a look at the boats.

Where else?

There are many places you can visit and you can spend a lot more money if you want. A day in the life in Spain can take you elsewhere. Simply head in the other direction and take in the atmosphere of Marbella and Puerto Banus. This would be a little more expensive but well worth a visit. So why not move to Spain?

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