How do you become self employed in Spain

how to become self employed in spain. just law solicitors

This is one of the questions that we get asked a fair bit at Just Law Solicitors as non EU passport holders like form example the UK and the US need a visa.

Self-employed permit or Residencia de trabajo por cuenta propia

The self-employed permit, or “residencia por cuenta propia.” This permit allows individuals to establish and operate their own in Spain. In this article, we will discuss the most important points on how to obtain a self-employed residence permit in Spain.

First of all you have to understand the legal requirements, necessary documentation, and the specific business sector you intend to operate, obtain the first license in case your business needs it and the most important create a solid business plan that outlines your venture’s viability and economic contribution.

The business plan should detail your business concept, target market, competitive analysis, and financial projections, how you provide the service, the advertising you will carry out, pricing for your services, the location of your business, who will be your suppliers, potential employment generation, your qualifications, certifications and relevant experience. The Spanish authorities want to see that your business will contribute positively to the local economy.

The other important step is demonstrate your financial capacity to support both yourself and your business. You will have to prepare evidence of personal savings, investment funds, or financial support sources. The amount of the savings will depend of the kind of the business you would like to open and will be evaluated by the Spanish authorities.

Apart of that, Spanish law mandates that self-employed individuals have adequate health insurance coverage and have no criminal records.

The application will start at the Spanish Consulate in your home country or the relevant Spanish government agency in case you already have the residence here in Spain. After a comprehensive review, the Spanish authorities will decide whether to grant you the self-employed residence permit. Upon approval, you will be issued a residence permit, allowing you to reside in Spain while operating your business.
The initial authorisation will have a duration of one year and will be limited to a regional geographical area and a sector of activity.

Holding a self-employed residence permit offers numerous advantages, including the ability to work and live in Spain legally, access to local healthcare services, and the potential to expand and grow your business in a European market.

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