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Health care in Spain. A number of people have concerns about healthcare in Spain. Of course when you consider a move to Spain, you need to consider your medical needs. Most people who need a visa to come and live in Spain need private health insurance whether it is the non lucrative visa ´NLV´ or the Golden visa for example. In the second year you can continue with the private health insurance of pay and join the Spanish system. This is called the convenio especial, its 60e a month for people under 65 and 157e a month for those of you over 65. You have to pay for prescriptions and everyone is accepted. There is no co-pay. If you´re a US citizen you will save a lot of money. Now lets have a look at the health care here in Spain.

healthcare in Spain
Your health in Spain

The Spanish health system has undergone significant developments in recent years. Here are some key points:

  1. Overall Health Status and Life Expectancy:
  2. Organization and Governance:
    • The Spanish health system emphasizes primary care, which remains its core element.
    • Efforts have been made to increase health system coordination and address chronic conditions and lifestyle factors like obesity.
  3. Health Financing and Expenditure:
    • Public expenditure in health prevails, accounting for over 71.1% of total health financing.
    • General taxes are the primary source of public funds, with regions managing most of these resources.
  4. Challenges and Resilience:

Life Expectancy Comparison

Now, let’s compare life expectancies in Spain, the UK, and the USA:

  1. Spain:
  2. United Kingdom (UK):
  3. United States (USA):

In summary, Spain’s health system performs well, and its citizens enjoy high life expectancies. Spanish people live on average longer than for example UK and US citizens. If you are buying a property in Spain, get in touch with us. The process is very different in Spain, and we advise taking independent legal advice. We also have a specialist Spanish visa lawyer. In addition we have a Spanish tax lawyer. Get in touch with us before you sing or pay anything with your Spanish estate agent or Spanish realtor. We include the NIE number and opening the Spanish bank account

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