Do I need tax advice in Spain in 2024?

If you´re thinking of moving to Spain, it´s recommended that you take tax advice. After you have have spent 183 days in Spain in a calendar year you will be a Spanish tax resident. You will have to submit a tax return to the Spanish tax office. Note that you only have to leave Spain. You do not have the leave the Schengen or the EU area. Please keep proof of this.

At Just Law Solicitors we advise that you take advice on your potential tax liabilities in Spain before you move to Spain. One of our lawyers Pablo is a lawyer and has a masters degree in Spainish tax law. Pablo has been advising clients since 2011, He works from our Marbella office but provides a full online service.

Do I have to pay tax twice?

Most countries in the world have a double taxation agreement with Spain. This means that you will be given credit for tax paid in your home country.

What about Capital Gains Tax?

In a lot of countries there is an exemption from Capital Gains tax for the sale of your primary residence. This is not the case here in Spain. If you become a Spanish tax resident in the year in which the sale is made then you will be liable. However, it is relatively easily to manage the dates. Also there are age and reinvestment exemptions.


Take some tax advice just like you would take advice on the purchase of your property purchase here in Spain. If you are buying a Spanish home we can help. We have specialist property lawyers, who can advise on buying a house in Spain. It is recommended that you take independent legal advice before you sign or pay anything . We also have a specialist visa lawyer, if you need a visa to move to Spain.

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